Warehouse Infrastructure
Aggregation and Digitization

Cashew Nigeria origin $1150/Metric ton | Ivory Coast Origin $1250/Metric ton | Dry Ginger Nigerian Origin- $1300/Metric ton | Sesame Seed- $1000/Metric ton

About Us


We focus on emerging markets where operational visibility and access to finance are significant challenges. Emerging markets contribute about US$500 billion annually to the global agri-food trade, with the overwhelming majority (90%) being in the form of the supply of agricultural commodities

Our mission

To enhance the efficiency and output of agricultural commodity markets through end-to-end digitization


Aggregation, digitization and supply of agricultural commodities – Cocoa, Cashew, Ginger, Sesame, and Soybeans

Value Chain Approach


Digitization of warehousing operations of medium and large-scale aggregators.


Linkages to critical services particularly first mile logistics and inspections

Access to Funds

Access to financial services through integration with credit and insurance platforms

Additional Revenues

Access to supplemental income by matching warehousing requests from other commodity traders to underutilized storage

Larger Market

Access to markets through the integration of vetted farmers to buyer/aggregator platforms; and that of aggregators to local, export and international buyers

Current Markets

Ivory Coast

Top producer of cocoa with about 1 million farmers and 5,000 cooperatives shipping 2million MT of cocoa annually – about US$5billion in exports annually

3rd largest producer of cashew exporting about 700,000 MT annually – about US$600million in exports annually.


4th largest producer of cocoa exporting about 390,000 MT of cocoa annually – over US$1billion in exports annually. 5th largest producer of cashew exporting with about 500,000MT – about US$500million in exports annually.

Nigeria is the top producer of Ginger in Africa and the 3rd in the world, producing about 375,305 MT – about US$825 million in value annually.

Head Office:

7A Milverton road, Ikoyi



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